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Graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with B.Accountancy in 1984.

Passed UK Chartered Secertary Course (ACIS –Association of Chartered Secretary and Administrator ) in 1986 with Top Prize in Singapore Taxation paper.

Attended First Batch of Trust Management & Service course conducted by prestigious Wealth Management Institute under Temasek Group in 2008 with 13 certificates.

Passed the China Securities Dealers Association examination for Securities Dealer eligibility course. I am the First and Only south east Asian who passed this very difficult and challenging examination.

Passed Realtor course in 1996 and CEA (Council of Estate Agents) Property Agent examination in 2013. 

Completed ACTA (Advance Certificates in Training & Assessment) in 2015.

Worked as auditor in Accounting Firm, internal auditor in BNP bank, Accountant in Listed Company, Garment Factories, running trading group of companies and subsequently setting up and managing own Professional Investment Consultancy Firm with Property Consultancy as part of the integrated services.

I have started investment in Equities/Shares in Singapore and Malaysia since 1980s.

Currently besides my Consultancy works, I am doing my own investment portfolio management.

I have brought a few China Companies to list in Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). This is why I have attempted the China Securities Dealer Eligibility Examination.
I am focusing on Investment Consultancy and Property Consultancy Business with focus on Investment Values.

I have been traveling in and out of China for the past 25 years. I also have established network of clients in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

For Property Broking / Consultancy Business, I have chosen Savills Residential Pte Ltd as my Partner and Platform in Singapore with the advantage of Selling/Buying Properties in major International Cities.

Savills is established in UK since 1855 and Listed in London Stock Exchange. I am able to Buy/Sell/Lease Any properties in Cities that Savills has an office.

I am offering Professional Investment and Property services with focus in Value Investment, Tax issues, Forex advises.